Legends of Crypto (LOCGame) AMA Session With BeInCrypto


BeInCrypto held an AMA with Legends of Crypto (LOCGame) on our public Telegram channel on April 26.

LOCGame is an ambitious NFT project wrapped in a collectible and trading card game. The MATIC network powers the game core, the underlying DeFi economy, and its DAO governance model.

(This AMA has been edited for clarity.)

BeInCrypto: Welcome to our BeInCrypto AMA! Today we welcome Mik Mironov (@mikmiro), CEO of LOCGame. Thanks to everyone for being here! Could you please say hi for us to check if everything is ok with your permissions?

LOCGame: ‘any test message…’

BeInCrypto: Nice! First of all, Mik, I think it is interesting for us to know a little more about your background so please feel free to write a short paragraph about your involvement with blockchain, cryptocurrencies and so on. By the way you can also explain your current role to us!

LOCGame:  I am Mik Mironov, founder of LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame) and RBL Labs (a part of Crypto Rebel). I am in blockchain since 2015, crypto 2017 and otherwise I have had a looooong career as a banker and also with Airbnb here in Amsterdam.

I have been in love with NFTs since 2018 when I met Crypto Kitties guys for the first time in Hong Kong at some crypto conference. I have been doing some digital art and have a small collection on OpenSea and I also love crypto industry

it is really the best to work, earn, play and have lots of fun we know how to make jokes about ourselves, dry humour and it all helps to survive the bear market and the ups and downs of BTC.

In my banking career I was a part of the innovation lab at ABN AMRO where we experimented with several products like real estate on blockchain, trade finance on blockchain etc. meaning that I have not had my first coin yet. it happened in 2016 before i left banking and went traveling to South America, and when i came back….boooom ICO explosion happened! And then I was totally mesmerised. I Wanted to be a part of it asap and I joined ICORating to bring some order to the chaos, LOL.

Then was SMC Capital, a year ago we launched Crypto Rebel — a news and entertainment company and 3 months ago we started with LOCGame, which I founded.

1. BeInCrypto: You’re welcome, thanks for providing such info for us. Well, let’s get to the main topic of our session then. What would you say if someone asked ‘what is LOCGame’ to you?

LOCGame: LOCGame is a variation of a Top Trump Card game on blockchain with collectible NFTs cards and lots of DeFi perks. Where the Genesis Edition of the cards is fully dedicated to our beloved crypto industry characters that we all know and love, make fun of, create jokes and memes about! We have guys like Market Maker, Day Trader, Exchange Listing Manager and many more. It is literally a tribute to the crypto industry!

The more you get involved, the better the reward. You know, you could have played Hearth Stone for years and everything you spent went to the gaming company.

Blockchain and NFT brings a new paradigm finally, and LOCGame takes full advantage of that to give back to the users, so players can finally feel that they are a part of this economy.

With the power of blockchain, the nft is a huge trend, a major shift is coming along and Rbl Labs and LOCGame is one of the pioneers of this gaming revolution.

We thought of our cards to be both collectible and playable game assets, hence the value accrues from both ends. For the collectible part we push for top class art and design making the cards rather unique and working with prominent artists and designers.

Plus there is a solid rarity system in place on the level of cards and decks as far as the game asset goes, we are working on many defi perks such as NFT staking where you can stake the cards and get rewards in LOCG token as % from the prize pools and other incentives.

Basically, what we are trying to build is the first top trump card game on blockchain. And our ambition is to be n1 NFT card game in its category. To make this famous table card more exciting online we developed a gameplay that some fans of top card games like magic the gathering etc will recognize.

2. BeInCrypto: Awesome! In fact, you need to count on a qualified team in order to smoothly run the project. Could you please tell us a little bit more about the team who’s behind the LOCGame project?

LOCGame: The team really helped in supporting this project and I am lucky to have such great people working to make LOCGame becoming a reality. Ben, our great Community Lead, in charge of the Discord community and a lot more, and he is doing an amazing job, as well as the first edition Art director, who graduated from a very famous Art school from the Netherlands. Polina, our artist, is helping with the design as well. Our Marketing manager, Valentine, is of great help too to coordinate all the marketing efforts.

We have an amazing gaming expert who joined our team as a Lead Game Producer, Artem Efimchik, who brings wealth of knowledge in game play, mechanics etc, 

3. BeInCrypto: That’s great! It’s easy to manage everything when you have such professionals taking care of all the tasks. However, there’s a motivation behind every single new plan so what motivated you all to create LOCGame?

LOCGame: Actually, let me tell you about the LOCGame story. End of 2020, with my co-founders at Crypto Rebel, where we do news and entertainment, we had a bunch of cool ideas and I made a series of digital art pieces with crypto characters and with my co-founder, we were like, let’s make a game as a tribute to crypto industry! With “crypto legends”, famous characters we are all familiar with.

I love table games and Top Trump Cards are one of those that I played with friends for many years.

We quickly developed a concept with the idea to turn them into a top trump card game

with very recognizable characters for crypto folks and started building, like a tribute to the crypto currencies triumph and people who made it a history.

You know, this industry is cool for a very special reason: For its ability to produce so much humour and jokes about itself. It helps survive the bear market and tough times.

And we decided to pick it up and implement it all in our cards, which are both collectibles and playable game assets. We put our hearts into designing the cards and the characters you guys are all familiar with such as the Whale, Market Maker, HODLer, ICO Millionaire and many many more. So you can collect — play — earn (rewards)  and have fun at the same time.
Our motivation was to be the pioneer in creating the first Top Trump Cards game online version! And with all the hype regarding NFTs at the moment, we felt even more confident this was the right time for this project.

4. BeInCrypto: It sounds good! It’s really useful knowing the reasons that made you come up with this idea, it’s a brilliant one. Now we can learn more about some specific characteristics. So, when it comes to LOCGame’s strengths, what is the project seeking to do, and what are the major features and advantages? 

LOCGame: LOCGame offers many special incentives for the players. In our architecture we have tons of DeFi elements that reward game players for being the owner of the game assets, playing the game. You own the assets, can trade them, can invest them – get the % from the prize pool, can vote for major game decisions. In LOCGame, you are basically a part of it and we really want everyone to benefit.

Some of our competitive advantages include:

  • We are the first top trump card game on blockchain – 1st mover advantage.
  • Brand and Design, our game artists will prove to you what real collectible assets are
  • Strong investor base and support we get across all of our investors with partnerships and business development.
  • We offer lots of incentives to players creating a unique game economy where players are rewarded and benefit from being a part of it.

5. BeInCrypto: Ok, got it. It looks impressive. By the way the LOCGame project wants to fit a niche and solve some current issues. So it’s time for us to know what opportunities did you recognize in the marketplace and the cryptocurrency ecosystem?  

LOCGame: The gaming industry currently hardly recognizes game players as a full member of its game economy. Gamers spend billions of dollars on assets with profits going ultimately to the game producers. LOC builds the ecosystem where players will be able to decide by voting on the direction the game is going to take, profit allocations. In addition, game assets will be available for free trade on third-party marketplaces. Earn-to-play elements will reward frequent players. 

6. BeInCrypto: Wow, you really know what you have been doing in the crypto space. That’s amazing the way that LOCGame addresses these topics!  However, all the projects are supposed to deal with some problems every now and then… What difficulties or challenges do you foresee for your strategy and for the LOCGame project?

LOCGame: In terms of difficulties, we didn’t have major challenges since I am very comfortable with the blockchain technology,

7. BeInCrypto: That’s great to know because you have already thought about all the possible solutions to solve such drawbacks – it was amazing to learn more about your thoughts on this topic. Switching gears, we could present the LOC token to our community. Can you tell us how it fits the LOCGame ecosystem? What roles should it play within the ecosystem?

LOCGame: With the help of blockchain and NFT technology finally game players become a part of the game economy. You can collect, play, earn and have fun at the same time! So for the $LOCG you will be able to get a kick-back in LOCG when buying the NFT from our native marketplace (initial purchase)

You will be able to get it as a reward for playing the game (play to earn), stake LOCG to farm new NFT items, farm LOCG in liquidity pools and use it for payment within the ecosystem, get rewarded in earn-to-pay elements of the game, voting when we build the DAO and more. NFT holders will be able to stake them in a liquidity pool and get % from the prize pools as a reward in LOCG token.

For the value and role of $LOCG, we will have a governance mechanic by the end of this year, you will be able to vote on the issuance of new cards, new categories, game play, charity donation and more. There will be a LOC Council with minimum LOCG holding requirements to be able to propose those game changes, request new features, etc.So there is a lot of value and definitely will be a lot of rewards for investing in LOCGame Token.

8. BeInCrypto: LOC tokens will surely have a successful path ahead but we all know that Tokenomics play a vital role in basically every single project. This wouldn’t be different in your case. Could you please tell us a little bit more about the LOC tokenomics then?

LOCGame: I covered some part of the tokenomics with the utility of $LOCG, as for the numbers we have 150mio total supply, various pockets where tokens will be allocated like Rewards Pool (for earn-to-play), Prize Fund for prize pools, ecosystem development etc and of course the private and a public sale.

9. BeInCrypto: I bet our community is already excited to get some LOC tokens by this moment! By the way, it looks like community is also important to you since there are some creative competitions happening, right? Please tell us more details about them! Also, how do you plan your marketing strategy for the mid term? What investors/enthusiasts can expect from it? 

LOCGame: Right now, we are running THREE Creative competitions for allocations and NFT airdrops:

  • Artwork competition: Submit your artwork that features LOCGame characters or is in any way related to the game. Be creative! Top 3 best fan arts get an allocation.
  • Creative competition (memes and infographics): Create memes or infographics about LOC. Top 3 best creators get an allocation.
  • Tagline competition: Create an alternative tagline for any of the existing cards. Tip: tagline is the flavor text that is located below the title of the card. We will mint very rare alternative versions of the card and airdrop it to top 3 creators.

Submit your works below before today, April 26, 23:59 UTC! Also, join our Discord community, as we have a lot going on there too!

Regarding our marketing strategy, first of all, it is about engaging with and growing our community — we have tons of exciting activities and ways to get rewarded with $LOCG and NFTs — memes competition on Discord and later on Twitter and Telegram, contests, and more.

Secondly, we are having coverage in major crypto and regular media like you guys, but also Cointelegraph, and more.

Last but not least ,we got overwhelming interest and support from people in the crypto industry and we have tons of activities planned like AMAs like this one, for which we are very appreciative.

10. Wow, there’s so much buzz about LOCGame right now…I suppose there is some more great upcoming news regarding your roadmap and plans for 2021. What does the roadmap for the near future look like? What achievements/milestones make you more excited?

LOCGame: Our SHO, strong holder offering, a type of the IDO that only DAOMaker has, is coming up on April 28th. All the important info on DAOMaker: https://daomaker.com/company/legends-of-crypto 

Our Public launch is the first, very near milestone, coming up very soon. This will be the first milestone to the launch of the project. Just want to add that even before the IDO, people can get involved in our exclusive Discord giveaways, we have had so much fun there with our vibrant and active community.

After that, we are launching our NFT Marketplace launch and will have an exclusive sale of our Genesis Edition cards. After that comes our first version of the game. The first NFT sale will be opened to early supporters and early investors only, so stay tuned.

Regarding the game itself, for now, it is being built, with a testnet version by Q3, and beta release with NFT/DeFi functionality scheduled for Q3 2021.

Right now, our plan for LOCGame also includes expanding the card categories. We started with crypto characters in this Genesis Edition. And then, we’ll be able to expand into crypto cities, decks based on partnerships, and many more. Imagination is the limit!

Eventually, on a broader, long-term plan, RBL Labs aims to build more cool games on blockchain with a heavy focus on NFT, not necessarily card-based games. We are slowly learning in this journey but this is a great start and we are excited for the future.

BeInCrypto: Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us, Mik! I’m sure our community is quite satisfied with this intro we have provided about LOCGame! We’ve really learned a lot with you today! Would you like to leave a last message to our community? Also, please share some links to your community’s Social Media:

LOC Game: Thank you so much for the support! Please support LOCGame by joining our telegram channel, participating in our activities and providing valuable input. We hope to see you soon at LOCGame!

Website: https://locgame.io/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/loc_game and https://t.me/locgame_io 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LOCgameio

Discord: https://discord.gg/JJje5VEX 

Medium: https://medium.com/locgame 

BeInCrypto: Perfect. That’s a wrap everyone!

LOC Game is offering a pool with some USDT for the best AMA questions! The official announcement of the winners will be made soon.

Stay tuned and thank you all!


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